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Is an importer of high quality Sight Glass (From Europe) From long experience, we have always been well accepted, trusted and trusted by customers. We are happy to serve you professionally with a fair price. And ready to consult customers to avoid unnecessary waste.


Extreme Group is a specialist glass engineering and processing business

Flat gauge glasses

Port gauge glasses

Circular sight glasses

Sight flow glasses

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The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of glass products for scientific, engineering and industrial applications. We have an extensive product range to allow us to service a diverse number of market segments which reflects our growing international customer base, namely:

Power generation, refining (oil, sugar etc), papermaking, brewing and distilling, lighting, aviation, marine, electronics, optical instruments, domestic appliances, petro-chemicals, research and education.

Our products are manufactured to exacting international standards to meet safety regulations; this is particularly important in demanding hazardous environments that may involve exposure to high temperatures and / or pressures, or chemically corrosive substances.

We also produce a contemporary range of decorative and functional products for consumer use.

Drawing on many years of accumulated knowledge and expertise, the company also provides a full technical advisory service to assist clients on the choice of product best suited to meet the requirements for a particular application. Our expertise in glass processing extends to the following areas:

  • Material (soda lime, borosilicate, aluminosilicate, quartz or specials)
  • Type (flat plate, tubular, cylindrical, mouldings)
  • Process (cutting, grinding, bevelling, polishing, toughening etc)
  • Product (gauge glasses, cylinders, ports, circles, panels, mirrors etc)